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OD Cost matrix gives wrong results

Question asked by jlowryfi on Feb 13, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2014 by jlowryfi
I'm using OD Cost Matrix with a very simple network dataset (no turns, etc. just defaults).  I am trying to find the closest Health Facility (Destination) to many villages (origin).  When I run the the OD Cost Matrix solver most of the Destination Rank = 1 lines appear correct based on a visual inspection of the road network.  However, there are several where the closest Health Facility to a village is clearly wrong.  I've checked for the connectivity of the road network and there don't appear to be any gaps in the next work.

I'm attaching a graphic.  Notice that Health Facility 67 (Destination) is closest to village 1638 (origin) but doesn't come up with that (instead 1638 is linked (Destination Rank = 1) to a Health Facility that is a long way off (the graphic).  Also notice that there does not appear to be any gap along the network (dangle errors shown).  For Location Position (Load Locations dialogue) I am using a search tolerance of 1000 meters which is plenty large.

Any insights are appreciated.