Theres a consistent north-south offset with the raster image

Discussion created by nge09sna on Jan 31, 2014
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Hi !

I have a problem when viewing a layer in ArcMap.
The map is not showing the correct north-south of the image. Instead it look like the image i have attached with this message.

First I had to define the map to these parameters, creating a new projected coordinate system, because it is not a predefined choise in ArcGIS.

Projected coordinate system: Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area
Fasle easting: 0
False Northing: 0
Central Meridian: 20 00 00
Latitude Of Origin: 5 00 00
Linear Unit: Meters

I also have to create a new geographic coordinate system
Datum: D_Sphere_ARC_INFO
Angular Unit: Degree
Prime Meridian: Greenwich

When I have defined the layer I need to use the tool Project Raster Where I define it as Africa_albers_eaqual_area_conic.
When I do that and then draw it to the data frame where I have all the other layers with the same projection (Africa_albers_eaqual_area_conic) the image look very weird (see the figure that I have attached with this message).

I got a hint to check the properties of the data frame to go and see if it is set to Geocentric Translation
(Dataframe properties/Coordinate system/Transformation/new/method) and it was... Another one was export the map when viewing it corrrectly using the coordinate of the data frame.. but that didnt work either..

Is there a problem when transforming from D_Sphere_arc_info to WGS84? If so is there a solution for this?