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Feature color after symbol classification does not match the feature value?

Question asked by dmede on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by dmede
I'm having a symbol classification issue with a set of polygons in ArcMAP 10.2

I have a set of administrative boundaries with voting values per boundary in a range from -0.62 to 0.88.

I'm symbolizing the values by classifying the polygons under Quantities > Graduated Colors, using Natural Breaks with 9 classes.

Very simple symbology process, there shoudl be no issues, except a couple of my polygons are showing up with the color of the class either just above their value or just below their value?

See the attached example. The district has a value of .51923 and should be in the 0.48-0.61 class, but instead it shows the color of the lighter color of the 0.33-0.47 class(?)

Any idea why this is happening?