Animation Help - Summarise a column in the attribute table

Discussion created by BBBMMJV on Jan 24, 2014
I'm following instructions on how to rationalise the labelling for a map animation.
- Right-click on the field column header again and select Summarize.
- 'Field to summarize�?? should already be populated with your new column name. Now add the data the want to take along to your labels layer by clicking the plus boxes next the column numbers and ticking the top box
Essential columns to include in the output table are:
2 �?? road name.
6 & 8 �?? start and end dates for the works.
34 �?? delay severity.
77 & 78 �?? X & Y grid references.
49 �?? description of works.
- Click ok and then confirm you wish to add the data the map.
Every time I OK this it begins to process and then throws me an error to say that it could not complete.  I've looked at the online Help and the instructions are basically the same - I have been fiddling with this for over an hour and am completely stumped.

Have attached a sample of the attribute table, the column that I am trying to summarise is named Unique_1

If anyone has any ideas why this will not work?