Erroneous XY data

Discussion created by richpan on Jan 21, 2014
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Sorry if this is the wrong location to post this

I am currently trying to plot several very simple XY coords of transects along a beach so that an accurate map may be included in a  dissertation, but the points are not where they should be.

They were recorded from a Garmin GPS unit and this is the readout of the information:

position format: hddd(degrees circle)mm'ss.s"

map datum: WGS 84

Map spheroid: WGS 84

When adding the XY data as a feature layer I used the WGS1984 and the closest I could get to where it was supposed to be is the Bristol channel, when it is supposed to be on a beach just West of Swansea bay, on the Gower - Bracelet bay if you have heard of it. I checked the coordinates of the bay on google earth and they closely resemble what I have - although arcGIS (10.1) is trying  to tell me otherwise.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - have attached an excel file of my table if any require it 

Thanks :)