How Many Instances are used for One Map Service?

Discussion created by pburg_gis on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by ldonahue
I'm having some trouble understanding how many instances are used when I access a map service and I'm hoping somebody can help me with.

I have a map service that contains 4 points.  I have the minimum instances set to one and the maximum set to 8. I am running it in low isolation with 4 instances per process.

When I access the service in a very simple Javascript the instances running immediately goes from 1 to 5 and the instances in use immediately jump from 0 to 5 (this all happens when I access the page but before the points actually load).  The points then take 3-4 seconds to load and when they load the instances running and the instances in use both drop to 3.  After another 3-4 seconds the instances running goes up to 4 and the instances in use drop to 2.  After another few seconds the instances in use drops to 0 and the instances running stay at 4.

In looking at log file, I can see that the server is being queried 10 times.  Why would the server be queried 10 times for a very simple map service with 4 points?


Perhaps I am getting to far into the weeds but I would really like to understand what exactly is happening when I load a map service.

Thank you