Why are temp files not deleted from Users\<arcgissoc user>\AppData\Local\Temp

Discussion created by bbieb on Jan 9, 2014
We currently have 3 ArcGIS Servers (10.2) in our site. 2 in one cluster for serving out map images, the 3rd one is in a separate cluster and is used for geoprocessing.  I happened to look in the Users\<arcgissoc user>\AppData\Local\Temp folder and there were 220,000 files and 5660 mxXXXXX.gdb folders.  A few were from the 8th but most were older.  I then checked the other 2 servers and one had a couple of files and the other 500+ mxXXXXX.gdb folders.

I did check the security just to make sure the ArcGIS Server user had full rights to the Temp folder and it does.

What is ArcGIS Server using the fgdb for?  And more importantly, shouldn't the server be deleting the files by itself.  If not, are others setting up a script to clean out the folder?