OD Cost Matrix: Using separate road line and address point datasets

Discussion created by nodnud on Aug 5, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2010 by mrice-esristaff
I am dealing with 3 very basic datasets. One is a road network where the only attribute available is length; given automatically when the Network Dataset is built. The second is an address database with XY coordinates (which I used to create a point shape file). The third is a shape file with one point to be used as a destination. I basically want to find the shortest paths between my address points and my destination but when I solve the OD Cost Matrix all I get are straight lines, which leads me to believe that the points and lines aren't talking to each other.

I have no hierarchy in my dataset but would like to include one (obviously to make the paths more efficient). I cannot find a way to add one as a column in the dataset. Is this even possible? My road network is not an american block system so it is far more complicated, so a hierarchy is basically essential to my analysis.

Any help on any matter I have mentioned would be greatly appreciated!