Redlands / Urban Planning Toolkit rules in 2013

Discussion created by czoog on Jan 2, 2014
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Happy New Year All,

I am developing urban planning rule sets here for our Planning group to use, and I planned on modifying the redlands rulesets, which i think I've heard referred to by esri marketing guys as the urban planning tool kit.  Anyway, these rules work great in 2012, but not so much in 2013.  The bone stock 2012 rules won't make facades, well the windows anyway, the thematics are busted, will not show usage on the buildings, planting along the streets also fails.  No errors are thrown in the log, which makes it frustrating.  See image.

I guess i could take the time to debug these rules, but I was wandering if anyone at esri is planning to release a 2013 version of these rules.