Different measure tools

Discussion created by amarsden on Dec 24, 2013

I currently use the OOB measure widget, but it is limited.

I really like what this site does

(under map tools)


ot only is it nice, but the code dropped into my code and worked straight away!  Partly as I had a geometryService variable already defined.

However, it does use Jquery with lots of lines like "  $(".caption").addClass("ui-priority-primary");"

I don't use jquery, never have, and really don't want to add it just for this. 

Has anyone a similar tool to this  ?  What I like is that it recreates my ArcIMS experiance for users.  One simple tool, measures line length and closure area at the same time and returns segment length.

Many thanks to Edgecombe County for this in case they are present.