TypeInilizationException  was Unhandeled

Discussion created by pd.jayakumar on Dec 17, 2013
Dear all,

          I am using ArcGIS 9.3, I am new to Dot net domain
                  I have installed Visual studio Express 2008 to my Desktop
                  and Visual studio professional 2008 to my laptop.
     I am just creating a form and running it to check, weather it runs properly or not.

                 In desktop it is not at all giving any problem, but in laptop it is throwing some exception  "TypeInilizationException  was Unhandeled", snap has been attached with this mail.

                 While creating a new project in Visual studio 2008, I am adding reference first then checking Arcinfo licence(in this some extensions), which has the licence.
                 If I do not add the reference and Arcinfo licence then the programme runs properly.  I am literally confused.
(Initially I would like to fix it, because once application is ready, if I am unable to execute...It's a problem)

Thanks in advance.