How to make a raster fit a designated area?

Discussion created by khanne228 on Dec 9, 2013
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Hello.  I am having a problem with a raster file of mine.

I have a floodplain polygon and a raster file of the same area consisting of water surface elevations.  They are both projected to State Plane, but the raster has shifted during the mosaic process and it doesn't quite fit the original floodplain. 

The raster in the attached screenshot is roughly 140' off on the west end of the extent and also off by the same amount on the east end of the extent.  In the center area, it seems to fit just fine. 

Using the Raster Shift and Warp tools to force it to fit don't seem to help.  There must be something I am missing here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated here.  This is taking longer than it should and is due today.