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Errors opening my map documents...

Question asked by jonathanmckaskey on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by BBladdick-esristaff
My company just went through a migration from a few seperate servers to one central server. They moved folders around a bit and I did anticipate that some links would definitely be broken, but fixable--

What I did not anticipate is receiving an error trying to open every map document...


"Opening the selected ArcMap document failed.
An unexpected error occurred while loading the map document
The last successful loaded component was:
esriSystem.PropertySet ({588E5A11-D09B-11D1-AA7C-00C04FA33A15})
The specified file does not contain a valid ArcMap document"

What on earth does this mean?  I click o.k. and the map pops up-- usually with just one blank data frame with no data links or anything. Other times the maps open with the right number of data frames in the Table of Contents, but only one blank data frame on the page view.

Any suggestions? 

Should I just accept that all of my maps gone for good?!  :-(