GeoEvent Processor

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I am having the following queries. I suggested by Adam from Esri I am putting my queries on the forum.

1) We tried to do the following : We were able to add route monitor Add-in to implement Geofence and alert monitoring on an operation dashboard but when we log in to our private portal for ArcGIS , the Add-ins disappeared , how to solve this issue?
2) In our demo we are trying to implement the alert function , We have configured an email notification as output for the Geoevent processor to send email notification in event of over speeding i.e. if the vehicle speed exceeds than 120 KM/H , but when running the application,  we are not able to receive any Email notification although output count is increased and entered parameters for SMTP configurations are valid.

please see the attached image for more information.

Seeking your technical advice. Please feel free to contact me on my email n.arora@openware.com.kw