Sewer Inlet Catchment Delineatoin

Discussion created by greenlincoln on Nov 22, 2013
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Hello, I am trying to use arcmap and the hydrology or hydro tools to delineate the catchment for a single sewer inlet location. I have 3 ft by 3 ft DEM data and a single vector point dataset. I'm currently using the Fill and Flor Direction Tools and then the Watershed tool to get the catchment area. However, I am not getting good results and I am not sure these tools were designed to be used on such a small scale.

I have attached a picture of one of my test runs. I'm not sure why the delineated watershed stops where it does instead of continuing to go up, since the flow direction value of 4 should be flowing down. (relative to the picture.)

If anyone has done something similar to this or has any suggestions It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.