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Using two Datagrids

Question asked by BritishSteel on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by schlot
Hi everyone,

I am using two dgrids in my application and either grid should show the result of a different query. I get both queries to work, and I get both to show up in the respective grid, but I do not get them to work at the same time. I am most likely missing a little detail and I would appreciate any advice on how to fix it.

I have attached two scripts. QuerySchedule shows the query I want to incorporate into the other script (FinalApp). How to test this? The bottom grid will populate when clicking on one of the buttons in the Query Database tab and the second one, in the North Parcel Schedule tab, should automatically populate after the map loads. I realize that when I remove lines 548-561 and 628-681 then the query in the North tab will show up. Therefore I think that both grids or queries are interfering with each other, and that I am not implementing them correctly.

Thank you very much.