Can publish GP Service, but cannot run it - 000816 'Tool is not valid'

Discussion created by trudnick on Nov 1, 2013
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I am unable to get any published GP Service to run if it was created with a model or script that I created from scratch.

I AM able to publish the Clip and Ship models/scripts provided with the 10.2 Tutorial data, and these run successfully as GP Services.

I have pared down to the most basic model I can devise, which basically runs GetCount_management on one of my SDE feature classes (the database is registered with ArcGIS Server 10.2).  I can run this either with the SDE fc as a parameter of the model, or with no parameters and the fc basically hard-coded.  I have also tried making a feature layer out of the fc and getting the count on that.  Either way it bombs with the 000816 error 'Tool is not valid'. 

I'm thinking I must be missing some basic first step in creating these models, something I am required to do if I want to use them as GP tools?  I can't see anything obvious as far as the way the Clip and Ship models/scripts are set up vs my own models.  Is there some registry step I need to take, some licensing I need to validate?  I'm using ArcInfo on both local machine and server machine. 

Any thoughts?  Image of model is above, you can see how simple it is.  What am I missing?