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Duplicate Symbol Collision Between ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS and SBJson

Question asked by bernese on Oct 23, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by bernese
It appears that a typedef in the AGSSBJsonStreamParserState class of the SBJson variant contained within the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS has not been renamed from the original library.

If I include SBJson in a project that also uses the ArcGIS Runtime SDK, I get a number of "duplicate symbol" errors for an enum with values of the format AGSSBJsonStreamParserState_< some state > . I attached a modified demo project that attempts to import SBJson. The build will fail and spit out a number of "duplicate symbol" errors. Using CocoaPods for SBJson does not auto-solve this collision.

I am using SBJson to build a streaming JSON parser that will process data used for, among other things, display on an AGSMapView. I plan on renaming any conflicting enums in my local copy of SBJson, since this seems to be the quickest way to resolve the issue and the Runtime SDK version is not fully exposed.

This is more of a bug report than a request for assistance.