Arc 10 - remove TIFs

Discussion created by gisforestrystudent on Oct 20, 2013
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Hello! This is my first post - and I would really appreciate some help, if some can be offered!!

I'm working on an 30km buffer of a proposed railway line in the UK (probably 1/10th of the country's area). When I started the project,  I thought it would be a good idea to download not just the 1:10000 OS grid tiles I needed, but all of them, and add them all to the map I'm working on. now I've added many more shapefiles, Arc is very slow!!

Is there a way of removing the OS grids (they're TIFs) can are outside of the buffer distance I need? There are some 520 in total, and going through them individually or in groups is slow, and Arc responds to removing each one very slowly.

I have a shape file and selection of the area I'm interested in - is there a way of removing the TIfs which are outside of this area?

Please see screen shot below....the length of ToC gives an idea how long the list is!!!

Many thanks for every shred of help,