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Making geocoded addresses match parcel data

Question asked by Desfam22 on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by ToddZ431

I am geocoding about 700 addresses in two neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh has many odd streets and its street layout is very asymmetrical.  Its street do not always exhibit a typical or consistent address numbering system.  I am supposed to make the geocoded addresses lay in each of their respective parcels, but I am finding that the geocoded addresses are several parcels away from the parcels they are supposed to be in.  I know it is possible to offset the geocoded addresses from the streets, but is it possible to individually fine tune the location of the geocoded points?

I've tried including a small photo of my data to illustrate the issue.  As you can see, those three geocoded points are all lumped into the one large parcel at the end of the street.  Not including the geocoded point closest to the street intersection, the points' addresses match the two slimmer parcels next to the larger parcel.