Select by location and switch selection not working consistently

Discussion created by ranleu on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by geomanscott
Hy everybody, I am trying to make a model on ArcGis 10 Desktop which is going to be part of a huge analysis routine but my problem comes up at the very beginning of things and is quite simple. I need to select a poligon feature which intersects previously selected point feature which is a feature "not intersecting" a third layer, thus the result of a "switch selection".

The routine goes like this (see the picture)


1) Select points from layer "P" that intersect polygon layer "A" (select by location).
2) Switch selection (select by attribute) because I am interested in the points not intersecting layer "A".
3) Select feature polygons from layer "B" that intersect the result of the switch selection (select by location).

As far as I understand, I need to the put the selection type for step 1) and step 3) as "NEW_SELECTION", since I am only interested in these precise features. During my first trials this was not working. The problem actually came during step 2), where the SWITCH_SELECTION instead of switching the selected points, added the previously not selected points. Thus I ended up with my whole point layer being selected.

Then I decided to set the selection type to "ADD_TO_SELECTION" on both step 1) and 3). Since on each layer i have nothing else chosen, this should work exactly like "NEW_SELECTION". And Voila, it did worked. Now just for fun I changed back to "NEW_SELECTION" on step 1), and guess what? It also worked. And finally I have tried all combinations:

Step 1     Step 3
NEW_...      NEW_...
NEW_...      ADD_...
ADD_...      NEW_...
ADD_...      ADD_...

and now they all work as expected. That sounds like good news, but I am fearing that there is some bug, that goes away when you start tampering with the selection type. Does anybody knows something about? Similar experience? Some sort of environmental variable or any other **** that needs to be taken care off? It would be of great help since I do not want to get any surprises once I have the full working model.