Make ArcMap Addin button image bigger?

Discussion created by paul.freeman on Oct 1, 2013
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I have developed a toolbar with 2 buttons using visual studio 2010 for 10.1, in the buttons i want to have an image that contains text like this [ATTACH=CONFIG]27925[/ATTACH] but when it loads they are squashed into a 16px x 16px square and are completely unreadable

Is there anyway to make the button bigger than the defined 16px x 16px?

I originally developed it in visual studio 2012 for 10.2 and it worked ok, but due to limitations of 3rd party addins we have to stick with 10.1, any help would be much appreciated.

Answer: it seems it is not possible but to achieve it with text only  i have removed the image attribute from the button tag in config.esriaddinx and this has allowed just the text to show which weirdly has resized the button.