Model Builder basics - can't keep track of tool outputs

Discussion created by treemanforest on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by anushuyar
I'm getting confused by a fundamental of model builder, see attached png. I'm using in_memory table outputs.

I get 'Join03' as a result of a table operation upstream. Then I apply a Calculate Field tool, but that tool doesn't give me an option to create a new output. It merely turns Join03 into Join03 (2).

In the Table of Contents I have no way to open these tables to compare, because Join03 (2), when added to display, appears as Join03.

So how can I compare the input Join03 against the output Join03 (2)? I need to browse these tables to check that my calculation is doing what it ought to do, but there's no way to do that because the operation is overwriting the original table. How do I output to a separate table? Where is the option to configure a separate output?