How can use information from metadata in Layer Properties?

Discussion created by amonizm on Sep 25, 2013

I have a feature dataset with several features classes and for each one I edited metadata in Arccatalog (Tags; Summary; Description; Credits...)

In my "old" projects (where the feature exists before edit metadata) when i check Layer Propreties the fields Description and Credits are empty. My question - It is possible make some "upload / Refresh" to populate automatically this fields with information from metadada that i edited before?

The reason is because i want to Create Layer Package to sent a friend and when i press to Validate show a error window saying that "A layer description is required for packaging".

If i write something (in Description) to Validate and create a Layer Package and, after that Unpack, the information will appear in Layer Propreties in the new features created in this procedure.

Therefore,  i Set Data Source to new source (Unpack folder), but this did not solve my problem. Maybe, the solution it's add all data to the project again.

Also, i note that some features classes in unpack folder don't show information in Layer properties. These specific features classes have metadata and were sent to me by other person.

Some explanation is welcome.

thank you