Many to many relationship class limitation, problem?

Discussion created by julia.galindo on Sep 25, 2013
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I have a File GDB, with a parcel feature class, I related water supply information, specifically water meters. So it means I also have a table with the water meter data and a many to many relationship class.

A parcel can have one or more water meters and a water meter can have data related to one or more parcels.

I populated the relationship class, so far so good.  The problem is when I query the feature class (the parcels) the query shows not only the water meters that are related to the parcel I selected but also data from other parcels that are related to the same water meters.

As an example:

I select a parcel, in the identify window it shows 9 water meters related. When you look at the water meters some of them seams duplicated in the list. When looking at the related table, one can realize that it is because some water meters are related to other parcels. See the image attached.

Does anyone knows if it is possible to see only the water meters related without showing the other parcels related to the same water meter?

Thank you for the help,