Most efficient way to produce repetitive US thematic maps w/ Alaska and Hawaii

Discussion created by hhurst4 on Sep 20, 2013
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I am trying to convince my organization to buy ArcGIS based on a 60-day trial.  I have a license at home for 9.2, but I'd like to have 10.2 at work because of the excel conversion tool. I also think they need to get out Excel 2003 Mapland plug in.  They do repetitive simple US state boundary and US county boundary maps that need to include Hawaii and Alaska as insets to portray juvenile population, arrest, custody trends etc.  I setup a basemap using dataframes to let them position Hawaii and Alaska where they want and callout DC but it creates a problem where the joining of data has to occur multiple times.  I also don't want to have to have the production person create a separate layer from the join and add it to each frame. Since a state or county boundary file is the only data layer, it would be great for a single joint to sort of cascade across those AK, HI and DC data frames in the map template.  I attached an example of the layout view for the template I developed.  

The non-technical folks I am working with don't understand why I have to apply the frames and repetitive joins.  They don't understand why my basemap cannot be in a single frame in the layout view.