Problems with X Y table data

Discussion created by flertle_burt on Sep 18, 2013
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Hi there!

I've been trying to add a few data points to a map of Scotland.  I've created a table in excel (which I've attached) and saved it as csv and txt and tried every method off adding the data into ArcGIS 10.1. Unfortunately, the dots never appear in the right spot of any base maps (the one I'm wanting to use is the online- scottland mercator). Every time the dots appear somewhere off the west coast of Africa, no matter how I change the data.   When I import this data into arcgis online, it is in the right spot.   I checked to make sure all the data is in the same coordinate referencing style, but I can see nothing wrong.   I've come to the end of my skill level.

Someone please help!! I would be most greatfull!