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basemap gallery error:    esri.dijit.BasemapGallery: could not find group for basemap

Question asked by pib30 on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by zj_zou
WARNING: I am very new to using JavaScript and making custom web map application so please keep it simple. ;)

I would like to add the Basemap Gallery widget to my web map application. I have already successfully accomplished this on another application and just can't seem to figure out where the difference is. I started off creating this application by downloading an ArcGIS Online web map application template (I am starting to think I should just start from scratch and it would cause less headaches).  When I insert the same code in the map.js file as I used for a previous application where the basemap gallery appeared and function perfectly, I received this error message "basemap gallery error: esri.dijit.BasemapGallery: could not find group for basemap".

The application can be found at:

My code is attached.