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Chanigng NoData Values in GeoTIFF files

Question asked by rralbritton on Sep 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by awagtendonk
I'm using LIDAR data that are in a floating point GEOTIFF format. These files contain "void" areas. The GEOTIFF format does not have a standard tag for a nodata value. To indicate areas where there is no data, those cells have been filled in with an IEEE Not a Number value (per the source of the data). I need to be able to change these "void" values with 0 (or some other value).

When I click on the cells with "void" areas the window shows the pixel as NoData, however, if I run the IsNull tool on the file the results indicate that there are not any cells that contain NoData (please see attached). So how can I change the value of these "void" areas when I can't find a way to identify them?