Detect areas of "crystal/pyrite forest" in LiDAR DTM

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Looking for some creative ideas...

Here in Western WA State, we have a lot of dense forest/brush. Often the LiDAR laser has a hard time getting good ground returns in dense shrubberies - which results in a funny looking "crystal forest" shapes in the DTMs, where the facets of the ground surface TIN are readily visible due to low mass ground point densities. Here's a picture:[ATTACH=CONFIG]27414[/ATTACH].

I am trying to come up with a reasonably good/fast method of locating "crystal forest" areas like this, given ONLY the bare earth DEM (not the original LAS/ascii raw point files). The best method I have come up with is to create an aspect raster, and do a 3-5 cell radius focal variety - thus counting the "diversity" of aspect angles in a relatively small analysis window. The idea being that areas of low aspect variety (and a slope >= 5% of so) are indicative of these rather planar TIN facet shapes. One issue is that there are also areas of quite planar hill slopes where the aspect is also very similar (think a large planar hill slope facing north). So, while the aspect focal variety method does a pretty good job finding the crystal forest areas, it also is pretty good at finding the planar hillslopes as well. I already have a mask screeing out flat areas such as lakes/ag field/etc.  so that's been taken care of.

Super bonus points if you have any good ideas!