Copy layers to a new folder in My Content?

Discussion created by dmede on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by dmede
I'm taking over an existing ArcGIS Online project and rather than work directly in the current map services and data layers I want to copy a set to a new folder in my account so I don't disrupt the old set as I play around.

How can I copy select features and tiles I have in one folder (Branner Home) to another (Campus Base Map)?

I see that I can Move the layers over, but I'm concerned this will disrupt the current Web Map that calls those layers.

I can use Add Item in the new folder but that doesn't create a copy of the layer, it creates a "Map Image" (??) of the layer. I'm assuming this just means it points back to the original layer and if anything happens to it, my Map Image will be affected.

Is it not possible to simply clone the layer and add to a new folder in ArcGIS Online?