Creating a Raster from Centroid Point Data

Discussion created by ostrikas on Sep 11, 2013
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Hi all,

I have WRF climate model output data that I am trying to rasterize in Arc. The WRF cells are 3km x 3km in this scenario, and WRF gives me the latitude and longitude of the centroid of each cell. Upon trying to rasterize this point data set, I cannot manage to create the same grid WRF is using because it appears ArcGIS auto populates the cell with no manual override.

This grid also has to be not running North-South by angled at about 330 degrees. This second capability I have not been able to find in Arc. I have tried using Point to Raster as well as creating my own raster with the known bounds of the grid, but I run into one or bothe of the problems described. You can see what I am talking about in the image below. [ATTACH=CONFIG]27354[/ATTACH]

Has anyone here created a raster with an angled (non North-South) orientation? How is it done?

I am using ArcInfo 10.0.3 build 2414, and have all possible extension rights.

Thanks for any help!

Ona Strikas
PhD Student
Dept of Geology
UNC- Chapel Hill