Selecting mosaics based on a bigger mosaic

Discussion created by santos1981 on Sep 6, 2013

I have a package of world image files in different zoom values (zoom 3-5).
Now I would like to select only the tilings of zoom 5 that are covered by one (or more) tilings of zoom 3.

I added an image to show what I mean.


The red marked area is what I need. The top image is zoom 3, bottom one zoom 5 (finaly I will go to zoom 16, so thats just an example).

Point is, that I need to add the selected tiles into "Mosaic to new Raster" and create one merged, big image.
I think the "Render Map" is not an option for me becouse it does not work for DEM floating point images.

Is there an accurate way doing what I need? :)

Thx alot!