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Discussion created by Blue217 on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2013 by amontgomery3030
I am attempting to run GME functions using python using "".  But every time I receive a Windows error message (see attached image). Apparently the log file cannot be found (incorrect path). I was wondering if this is because of the double forward slash (see red circle in attached image). Is this really the cause of the error? If yes, then how can this be fixed?

I will post the code I am using:

import subprocess as subp'C:\Program Files\SpatialEcology\GME\SEGME.exe -c run(in=\"H:\GME\testing\text_commands\exportcsv.txt\");')

The text file contains the following:
export.csv(in="H:\GME\testing\data\test4csv.shp", out="H:\GME\testing\text_commands\output\exportcsv.csv");