Drainage lines cross rivers

Discussion created by oysteinruss on Aug 27, 2013
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I have ran ArcHydro (Arc Hydro Tools for ArcGIS 10.1 BETA) on a DEM (laser data, 10 "ground hits" per square meter and cell size 0,5):

Fil Sinks
Flow Direction
Flow Accumulation
Stream Definition
Stream Segmentation
Catchment Grid Delineation
Catchment Polygon Processing
Drainage Line Processing
Adjoint Catchment Processing
Drainage Point Processing

My problem is that the drainage lines a lot of times are crossing the rivers (se attachement). It seems to me that the drainage line, once meeting the river, should follow it and not crossing over, which it does all the time.

Apart from when the drainage lines are crossing the rivers, the analysis elsewhere is good.

Have any of you experienced this and could shed some light on have to solve this?

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