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Production of Graphs from Geodatabase Table

Question asked by ModernGIS on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by ModernGIS
What I have is a table I produced from our Customer Information System showing the billed KWH Usage and KW Demand for a ALL electric meters over a period of time (From July 2011 to July 2013). There are about 900,000 records in this table of around 9500 electric meters. What I am trying to accomplish is listed below:

Attached: Example.xlsx

This is also in a File Geodatabase as a Geodatabase Table
This table is composed of around 9500 meter records (METER NUMBER)

1) Go through the table and find METER NUMBER record with the billing period, KWH and KW Demand rows attached.

2) Extract/export/select a unique METER NUMBER with the data attached (billing period, KWH and KW Demand)

3) Take the data and build a graph showing the Billing Period along the "X" Axis, KWH and KW Demand along the "Y" Axis

4) Export the graph to a .PDF with the METER NUMBER as the file name

From there I can use the Attachments Geoprocessing tool to take the .PDF and attach it to the Meter Location in the .MXD

Long Term Goal is to create a One-Touch custom Button to select a specific METER NUMBER to create a graph described above and automatically create a .PDF.

I know this sounds like a huge project - and want to learn how to build it piece by piece to eventually accomplish the Long Term Goal.

Thanks for your help in advanced