ArcMap 10.1 Freezes when Using 'Add All Values' in Symbology under Layer Properties

Discussion created by tremonm on Aug 26, 2013
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I have had an issue with ArcMap 10.1 lately. I am attempting to do a simple re-symbolization of a layer of Countries based upon data in a joined table. I have joined the table successfully to the country layer, but when I go into Layer Properties, choose the Symbology tab, and choose 'Unique Values and then 'Add All Values' for a field from the joined table... and ArcMap freezes. Attached is the window that it hangs on. Any suggested solutions? I have tried creating a separate Layer file with the Table Join saved into it but have seen the same issue.

My licenses, etc. are all up to date through 2014 as far as I know.[ATTACH=CONFIG]26999[/ATTACH]