Concave Hull polygons from either points or polyline groupings.

Discussion created by Cheekychives on Aug 23, 2013
Has anyone managed to successfully create Concave Hull polygons from either polylines or points?


I've spent some time researching the issue and I have yet to find a method that allows you to make them successfully.

The nearest I've got is through the use of the "Aggregate Points" ToolBox in Cartography Tools > Generalization. However, it doesn't allow you the option to 'bound' groups of points/features by attribute.

There is the 'Concave Hull Estimator' tool. Fine, but it neither allows you the option to scale the range or isolate feature clusters by attribute.

Dan Patterson's 'Bounding Containers' script has been mentioned, but on practice, it makes Convex Hull, not Concave Hull.

Does anyone have any suggestions...?

Any help much appreciated.