Increased C-drive volume now can't connect to my 'Site'

Discussion created by jrflannery on Aug 19, 2013
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I had an ArcGIS for Server 10.1 instance built and running for months in AWS.  Yesterday, I increased the C-drive volume of my AWS Instance and now I cannot connect to my 'Site' in Server Manager.

I created a Snapshot of the old C-drive.
I created a larger volume from the old C-drive Snapshot.
I detached my old C-drive and D-drive volumes.
I attached my new larger C-drive volume then my original D-drive volume.

I remoted back into my instance and used Computer Management/Disk Management to extend my C-drive to the new space.

When I open ArcGIS Server Manager I am given the options to Create New Site or Join Existing Site.
Since I already have Server Directory and Config Store directories established, I chose Join Existing Site.
When I go through the process to Join my Existing Site, I get the error message "Server machine '' does not participate in any Site" (see attached).

Has anyone else experienced this behavior and have any advice?

Thank you,