Custom Tool OnClick-Event Problem

Discussion created by stefanloehr on Aug 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2013 by Grieck

I created a custom Tool for ArcMap.
On my development PC and all Test machines it works perfectly.
The problems start wenn our Client wants to use it.

They registered the DLL and added the button to the ArcMap Menu.
The Button appears and the "onCreate" method is fired (I checked that with a MsgBox).
When you klick on that button, the first thing it should do, is open an MsgBox. But nothing happens.

It seems the "onClick" event just doesnt fire. I have no Idea where I should start to search for the error.

I wrote it with VB.Net for .Net 2
ArcGIS is 9.3 on Windows XP.

Any Ideas?
Is it possible to check if the "OnClick" event for a specific Button is registered?


Stefan Löhr