Edit Permissions - Web GUI not showing all options or applying permissions

Discussion created by btelliot on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by bbieb
When I click on the lock icon beside the service in ArcGIS Server Manager, I do not have radio buttons or check boxes next to the options "Public, available to everyone", or "Private, available only to selected users".  Although these elements do not appear on the form, I can click where the box should be and it appears to change the selection.

After I apply the options "Private, available only to selected users" and "Allow access to all users who are logged in" and click "Save", the Edit Permissions window sits open for 2-3 minutes before closing.  The lock icon next to the service appears to be set to the 'locked' position, making me assume that the permissions were successfully applied.

However, when I refresh the web browser window, the lock icon goes back to being unlocked.  When I try to access this service in a web mapping application, it behaves as if no security permissions were applied.

I've tested this in Google Chrome (Version 28.0.1500.72 m) , Internet Explorer (Version 9.0.8112 64-bit), and Firefox (Version 22), and they all have the same issue.


We are running ArcServer 10.1 SP1 on a multiple machine site (1 web adapter, 2 gis servers, 1 staging server).  Our Config store is referenced via-UNC path (seems to be the cause of many other 10.1 SP1 performance / stability issues and bugs...)

Security Settings
User Store: Windows Domain
Role Store: ArcGIS Server Built-in
Authentication Tier: GIS Server
Authentication Mode:
ArcGIS Tokens

Has anyone else experienced this same issue?  Is this a bug?  How can we fix this so we can properly apply our security settings on a service-by-service basis?