Ranking multiple break values in Service Areas

Discussion created by dakaye on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by dakaye
I have multiple points on my map that I need to create service areas for. Each point has their own calculated break value. E.g. one point has a attribute-created break of 10 while another has a value of 6.

I need to run an analysis so that a service area is created around each point without overlapping polygons. However, when I calculate around a dense region of points, the points with a lower value seem to overtake and don't allow for those points with a high value to create a proper boundary.

I've included an image here. The polygon in red has the highest value of 7000, while the surrounding gray polygons have values of 3000. How do I give the points with higher break values priority to be the largest? [ATTACH=CONFIG]26195[/ATTACH]