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dGrid content shoved up into the header?

Question asked by schlot on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by rscheitlin
I have a dGrid that I'm populating from featureLayer.selectFeatures.  I'm trying to give the user a couple of options.  By default, the selected features will be in a dGrid that has been formated to more of a list look, using a row renderer.  Then I'd like to give the option to click a "view as table' button and see that same data in more of a traditional grid layout.  This is shown in a floating pane based on a button click. 

The data in my traditional grid layout is populating fine, but the contents of the grid are placed directly over the top of the grid headers. I wouldn't expect this is a default behavior.  I assume this is a style somwhere?  I can't just set .dgrid-content because it will impact my 'stacked' grid.

I'm also noticing that the content is way bigger than it needs to be, introducing scrollbars in a list that is plenty big enough for the 3 records I've selected.  I've had a hard time finding much documentation on the styling of any of the dojo components.

Does anyone have any suggestions?