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IE caching responses to GP.submitJob callbacks?

Question asked by mtdave on Jul 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by mtdave
This problem is occurring only in Internet Explorer. It is not happening in Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

I have a ArcServer Javascript API v3.1 application that runs several asynchronous ArcServer GP tasks using the GP.submitJob method. What appears to be happening is IE is caching the GET URL calls to the ArcServer REST when the URL is the same as previous calls. I get a 200 response from the REST when the URL hasn't been used before. But when the URL has been used before I get a 304 response. When the Job Status callbacks occur using the same URL, IE is returning the same cached value each time and never returning the Job Completed code. The GP.submitJob gets stuck in an infinite loop.

How can I use the GP.submitJob and keep this from happening? Can I force it to use POST? Can it append a random string variable so each GET URL is unique?

Thanks, Dave