Hillshade artifact

Discussion created by barney_rumble on Jul 12, 2013

I am working on my bachelor thesis and among other problems I have to analyse one artifact occuring on a hillshade based on LIDAR data. The artifact in the attached picture is no real structure you can see in the field. There is an altitude difference from about 10 centimeters comparing the altitude in the LIDAR dataset. I have no idea how this artifact occured. Probably it was an error in the process of taking the LIDAR data, but I don`t know how to analyse this artifact. My supervisor proposed to mix up the dataset in Matlab and import it to ArcGis again to see if something changed, or to lift up the lower side beside the artifact by the averag of the difference in altitude, just to see what happens. I am a bit sceptical if this contributes to the success. I really have no idea how to handle this problem and I appreciate any helpful tips.