Out Of Date Washington State Parks Data

Discussion created by kreuzrsk on Jun 28, 2013
The ESRI data shipped with version 10.0 is very out of date.  Our users have noticed the same problem with data shown on ESRI's Topography and Street basemaps.  To be fair the same out of date information exists on google maps.  It's apparent that ESRI isn't using Washington State Parks data so is there any way to find out who ESRI uses as a source?

The user who spotted this and other errors in the ESRI basemap wants us to drop the basemaps all together from web apps that use them.  I don't think that's a good idea but that shows how concerning this manager is fearing the public will blame us.  Included as an attachment is just one example of many.  The Chief Joseph State Park land shown on the map near Brewster WA was sold by State Parks to Douglas County PUD in 2004.  I is no longer a state park.