Runtime error Microsoft visual C++ Runtime Library

Discussion created by amirhz_89 on Jun 4, 2013

recently, my company have buy 2 ArcGIS Desktop Licence (ArcEditor Concurent) and 2 ArcGIS Desktop Licence (Arcview Single)

This error occur during editing or pan, zoom in,zoom out, or un tick layer 

it happen to both user with ArcEditor Concurrent licence (happen in 4 or 5 time per day) and force to close the program and this is very annoying

this is my computer spec
first, PC
spec pc workstation dell precision t3500
CPU: intel(R) xeon (R) 3.07GHz
ram: 12 GB
OS: Window 7 profesional 64-Bit

Second, Laptop
Spec Laptop Workstation
CPU: Intel(R) Core i7 2.4 GHz
RAM: 12 GB
OS: Window 8 pro 64-Bit

could some one suggest any idea and solution, i need quick fix

hereby i include a print screen of the error when it happen