Geodatabases and raster calculator?

Discussion created by gjesdahj on May 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2013 by curtvprice
Hi, I had a model set up to work correctly but slow and someone suggested I change it to geodatabase files to make it go faster.  Now I'm facing the problem that lots of things no longer work.  The one in particular that I can't figure out on my own is that the raster calculator just makes a big block equal to 1 when it should only be doing a few areas (this worked fine before making it a geodatabase).  This is my expression:

Con( "%noview_value%" == 1 &
    ((("%beview_value%" == 0) & ("%hhview_value%" == 0)) |
    (("%beview_value%" == 1) & ("%hhview_value%" == 1))), 1, 0)

I've attached the python script so you can see what happens before this (only the stuff immediately before it should matter).  Do geodatabase raster routinely mess up raster calculator?  Does the syntax need tweaking in some way to deal with geodatabase rasters?

Thanks in advance,