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Overlapping Bus routs

Question asked by nabil13 on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2013 by bsriramak
I have three feature classes for the network:  
- Bus routes : having all bus routs split on each bus stop
- Bus stops : all bus stops location snapped to the ends of each bus route segment
- Walking routs : line connection between each two stations (face to face stations) to allow the passenger to cross the other side of street to change his direction using another bus.

the problem is the overlapped bus segments , Consider bus 66 and 19 are overlapping


like the attached image , if i'm solving the network to go from station 1 to station 3, if the solution started with bus number 66 it should continue with bus number 66 after station number 2 , but in some cases the route changes to another bus number however the same number 66 does exists in the second segment.

it should be bus number 66 and continue on 66 OR Bus 19 then continue bus 19 NOT bus 66 then bus 19