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Can't add internal test services to agol subscription (SSL-only)

Question asked by samlarsen on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by samlarsen

We've had the same problems that were outlined in a similar post:
Unfortunately, we can't use the solution mentioned of disabling SSL on our organisation.

We have Test and Production ArcGIS Servers (10.0 - soon to be 10.1/2) with all services (Tiled, Feature, Dynamic) secured using default arcgis security provider (SQL Server) and with both web servers having CORS enabled.

Our production system works well by indexing our service items (with embedded credentials) in 'My Content' in our organisation and many webmaps created using these items. 
We would like to be able to index our test services as items also, however as our organisation has an SSL-only option we are unable to do that (as mentioned in the other forum thread).  We are working in a highly secure environment and must have SSL configured for our organisation.  It seems the SSL-only option on the organisation attempts to route some requests through the AGOL proxy page - which obviously can't see our internal server name and results in a HTTP 500 server error - see image below.


We have confirmed that we are able to add our Test services and view them in a public account on arcgis online.

Are there any workflows that will allow us to test these internal services and have truly isolated Test and Production items (Webmaps and service references) in AGOL?  Currently we are having to modify webmaps and services that are being used by many users without the ability to test our changes.